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Who are we

Your Councillors

Councillors serve for a period of five years from the full Council election (the last election was May 2019).  Should  Councillor vacancies occur during the five year period an interim election can be held at the request of at least 10 electors. If no such request is received additional members will be co-opted on to the Council to ensure the Council has enough members to undertake its responsibilities. Notifications of vacancies arising mid-term will be placed on the Latest News page of this website, the Friends of Martinstown & the Valley Facebook page and on physical noticeboards in the village.

Councillor's Register of Interests are held by Dorset Council. Please follow this link to the Dorset Council ROI page

Councillors may hold additional roles responsibilities from time to time, as shown below: If you have something you would like to discuss please contact any Councillor or the Clerk to the Council

At the bottom of this page you will find the powers and duties available to Parish Councils, Good Councillor Guide and Roles, Responsibilities and job description of the Clerk/RFO (Following feedback from the survey)

The Councillors, Clerk and Ward Councillor

Councillor Role Contact Number

Mark Pemberton

Councillor, Chair July 22 onwards

Budget Group

Staffing Committee



Karen Delafield

Councillor, Vice Chair May 22 onwards


Budget group

Staffing Committee


Tel: 01305 889301

Dave Read



Memorial Hall (Reading Rooms) working group

Allotment rep

Rights of Way rep

01305 889445

Martin Usherwood


Highways rep

01305 889117

Andy Daw


Phone Box Rep (via Green Martinstown)

Grass cutting contract monitor

  01305 889433

Richard Eversden


Memorial Hall (Reading Rooms) working group


Raphaella Rookes


Flood (stream & sewer rep)


David Hutchings



Staffing Committee

Memorial Hall (Reading Rooms) working group 

07948 201334


Councillor to be filled by co-option

Marion Baird

Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

07359 243559



(Cllr Roland Tarr)

Ward Councillor for Dorset Council